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We are a not for profit Corvette club that includes members from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Activities for club members vary during the year but include attending car shows, local cruise-ins, caravanning to points of interest in Florida, meeting for lunch and enjoying each others company for dinner.  We are not hung up on ceremony so come and join us at our monthly meeting--see for yourself what we are all about. 



About Us


We Renegades come in all shapes and sizes and many of us struggle at times to get up from the seats of our Corvettes! Yet, we always extend a helping hand to those club members who are eager to drive their Corvettes another 20 miles before exiting their car to register at a car show, have lunch or attend a nice dinner gathering with fellow club members.  Yes, we are avid Corvette enthusiasts and our cars are typically "show" ready for the next fun-filled Corvette event.  


Events vary from year-to-year and at club meetings we discuss upcoming car and social activities. Decisions are made based on interests.  It's not unusual for club members in one county to attend a car show local to them while another group of club members in a different county attend a different car related event. Whatever works, whatever is fun, that's what we are about.

Many iconic Corvette emblems over the decades
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