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Trivial Facts for the Corvette Enthusiast

1.  The 1963 Corvette was the first to have power steering.

2.  The big block 454 V8 engine was only available for 5 years--'70 through '74 in the C3 Corvettes. 
3.  Points distributors provided the spark to Corvette engines for years; in 1975 the large diameter HEI distributor replaced it and did away with yearly distributor tune-ups.  

4.  The 1983 C4 Corvette was never offered to the public because it had too many flaws. 

5.  The 1963 Corvette not only came with a split rear window design, it was the first Corvette not to use a solid rear axle. 

6.  The 425 horse power version of the big block 396 was available only in 1965.  

7.  The 2009 ZR-1 was the first Corvette model to retail for over $100,000.  

8.  The first 200 C5 Corvettes that came off the assembly line in Bowling Green were red.  

9.  The small block 265 cubic inch V8 powered the 1955 and 1956 Corvettes. It was replaced with the larger 283 in 1957. 

10.  4 wheel disc brakes were available on the 1965 Corvette for the first time. 
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